Carhartt Force Flex Tshirts

In 2022, Carhartt updated their Force line of t-shirts and long-sleeves to their new Force Flex style. Carhartt Force T-Shirts are a polycotton technical t-shirt, with the feel of cotton but the lightness and water-wicking capabilities of a sports technical shirt.

The Force Flex improvements include a new shoulder seam, instead of the raglan-style, 45 degree shoulder seam, the new Force Flex way is designed for greater ease of movement. They also have a strip of material from armpit to lower hem with micro perforations in it. These tiny holes aid in airflow and allowing moisture to get out from under the tshirt and away from your skin.

This is a warm weather t-shirt and with the way our summers are hotting up, this might make life a little bit more bearable when it's 25+ degrees and you have to work in it.

Check out the video below from last year by Carl Murawski, his channel is definitely worth subscribing to if you are a fan of American workwear, not just Carhartt.