Yeti Camino 35L Carryall

Here at we love nothing more than an over-engineered, highly durable, specific product. Sometimes we stock items that, at first glance, seem almost outlandish for what they are.

The Yeti Camino 35L could be viewed as a straightforward tote bag with a premium price, but it is so much more than a tote bag. A spacious 35 litre capacity is wrapped with a 5mm thick rubber waterproof material and the bottom of the bag has a thick durable rubber base so if you leave it down in wet or muddy conditions, it not only protects the inside, but is easily cleaned. Yeti calls it the G.O.A.T. of all totes-

This bag will not only keep out water but would also hold it too- it can be washed out easily with a hose, no problem to it.

We've compiled a list of uses we think you could use it for- it's not complete but here's a few ideas-

  • The shopping, it fits a lot and will take a lot of weight
  • Picnics- you can use the pop-out dividers on both sides for water bottles, or bottles of fermented grape juice (it's tall enough!)
  • Firewood- this thing can take it
  • Toolbag- lug it all in

We've seen many uses for the Camino, in many different situations, but we recently saw an Architect use it as a secondary bag for site visits- going to show that this is an incredibly versatile bag. Check out the video below-