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An ideal Christmas present, the Carhartt Bucket Bundle comprises of a Carhartt Core Logo T-Shirt, Carhartt Watch Hat and Carhartt Two Tone Billfold Wallet.

As well as saving on the individual costs of each item, we'll also throw in a Carhartt measuring tape, lanyard, carpenter pencils and sticker sheets. We'll bundle all of these together in a sealed and branded bucket, perfect for Christmas morning.

Chose a T-Shirt size (remember, Carhartt t-shirts are American sized, so go down a size, for example if you normally wear XLarge, order Large), T-shirt colour and hat colour and we'll custom pack and ship them out to you for Christmas.

Uses for the plastic bucket-

  1. Keeps food supplies fresh. This bucket seals tight.
  2. Holds 5 litres. Think of how many beverages could be consumed from it at once.
  3. Leak in the roof? Catch the drips in this bad boy.
  4. Convenient handle on bucket, use it to carry the shopping home.
  5. Flexible plastic conforms to your head.
  6. Use it as a time capsule, buried in your back garden, it really does seal tight and you should get at least 500 years before degradation occurs.
  7. Cut a slot on the top and use it to save your loose change. Then come back to buy more Carhartt gear from us. (We only accept credit cards, do not send full buckets in post)
  8. The lid can be used as a frisbee. 
  9. Use the bucket as an impromptu speaker for your phone- stand it up in there and start a rave.
  10. Use the bucket as a drum, impress friends and family with your killer beats.