T-Shirts/Polo Shirts- Carhartt shirts are a size bigger, so you should be choosing a size smaller than European clothes. They are also long in the body and big in the chest, so if you have a slim figure, you could go another size down and still have the length. Some items are a slim fit (usually shirts) so we advise only going down one size.

Other brands tend to be European sized, unless otherwise stated.

Contact us if you are unsure, we are happy to advise! A common aid is to measure the width and height of a t-shirt you own, that fits as you like, and we can send you measurements of the t-shirt you're interested in

Sweatshirts- Like the tshirts and polos, Carhartt sweatshirts are a size bigger than normal sizing. They are mid length as well, so neither too short or too long.

Jackets- Carhartt jackets tend to be a size bigger and shorter in the body (as they're working jackets, designed for mobility) than European jackets. They are also larger in the chest than normal. The softshell jackets are more standard length, as is the Insulated Shoreline Jacket.

Again, please contact us if you are unsure, we are here to help.

For Regatta jackets, they fit pretty true to size, but bear in mind that the Regatta softshells are worn tight to the body (keeps the warmth in).

If you have any queries in regards to sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us