ProFlex® 7001 Nitrile-Coated Gloves

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ProFlex® 7001 Nitrile-Coated Gloves - ANSI Level 2, Abrasion Resistant, DSX™ Dry Grip

The ProFlex® 7001 Nitrile-Coated Gloves with DSX dip technology are designed to provide excellent grip in dry conditions. These nitrile-dipped gloves offer a close, second-skin fit for top-of-the-line dexterity and comfort when working with small parts in manufacturing or assembly. This soft, flexible fit is thanks to 18-gauge seamless ANSI level 2 abrasion-resistant nylon + spandex knit blend. The thin knit of these protective gloves allows for unmatched breathability and a fit like no other.

The DSX Nitrile Dip technology outperforms all nitrile-based dips in dry environments. This multi-layer dip allows air to flow through to keep hands comfortable and dry. The top layer dip has a highly abrasion-resistant coating for durability and longer life.

Touchscreen-capable fingertips on these abrasion-resistant gloves allow workers to stay connected and protected while maximizing productivity.

The ProFlex® 7001 Nitrile Coated DSX safety gloves are best for workers in assembly, manufacturing, automotive and service technicians. Perfect for applications involving small parts or tasks requiring dexterity.


  • ABRASION RESISTANT – ANSI level 2 abrasion resistance
  • SUPERIOR GRIP – DSX dip technology provides best-performing grip in dry conditions
  • TOUCHSCREEN CAPABLE – Stay connected with touchscreen fingertips
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT – 18-gauge seamless knit for ultimate dexterity 
  • SEAMLESS KNIT WRIST – Prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove

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